Back in late 80’s, I spent quite a few years in Jhunjhunu, a small town in Thar desert, India. My father was associated with INTACH – India National Trust of Art and Cultural Heritage at that time. In one of his official events, I was lucky to meet Mr. Bernard M. Feilden, the world famous conservationist who praised camel wool and its local products very highly. The ship of the desert, ‘Camel’ so much a part of our lives there, I became fascinated with camel hair and began experimenting with how to use this course yet fine fiber. This was the birth of ‘Camelon’ in concept and thus began my journey in the world of hand woven/hand knotted durries and carpets which later expanded to handmade paper and leather products.

I developed a natural inclination towards art and work of local craftsmen. I observed that their crafts were environment-friendly right from colors and raw materials they used to the method of working. It was a very eco-friendly, self-sustainable model. I knew I would make my living doing something with them! And why not, Rajasthan is such a vibrant state with the rich heritage, local crafts patronized by its rulers since generations, our roots here are deep! Having completed my post-graduate in Economics, my family wanted me to take up civil services but my heart lay somewhere else, ‘to take our local crafts to the world’.

‘Camelon’ was officially set up in 1987. In the beginning, our product-line was handwoven durries, rugs, carpets made of cotton and wool. We had patrons in Singapore, Middle East, and Australia. We ventured into the handmade paper products in 1997 and were soon supplying to clients in Germany, US, Australia, South Africa, and other European countries. I traveled to showcase our vast portfolio. My travels took me to Germany, which I regard as my second home followed by US, Australia, Egypt, Far East, Middle East, extensive Europe & South Africa. Our products include bags, boxes, stationery, gift wraps, notebooks, leather journals and lot many possible paper products!

Being passionate about my work and I can be seen spending countless hours with artisans getting them up to high client expectations. I zip to small hamlets around Jaipur carrying paper sheets, leather, and other supplies to village artisans, as it’s not quality of finished product that has to be taken care of, but also the quality of raw materials, the process, and all other intricate, specific details, right up to packaging. I share a great rapport with all artisans I work with.

Camelon’ sets aside a fixed charity fund, which is used to assist our craftsmen, with medical bills, education, a marriage just so they feel included and part of our growth. This is a part of our corporate social responsibility.

I am a nature lover, like to read, write and listen to music. I am also inclined towards spirituality. In my leisure time, one can find me reading and enjoying music. ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy is one of my favorite books, a great elementary book helping towards better material life as well as to begin a spiritual journey for every person whether from East or West.,

We would like to develop and make world-class products for you, something that we would be proud to call OURS.

Creating eco-friendly beautiful products for thirty years and counting!

Niraj Sharma