Camelon Exports has always given importance to the cultural background of different arts & craftsmanship besides the products themselves. When it comes to history, culture & society of the contemporary time, we are akin to providing the products their ‘soul’!

The papers at Camelon Exports are designed and developed through an exclusive and proprietary process that guarantees good returns in terms of usage, feel and looks.

We have a tradition of handmade paper-making, a tradition, and a craft, which, over the centuries has been refined to something similar to an art – form.

Quality, along with rich and varied raw materials, makes us stand apart from other manufacturers. It is not quality of finished product that we take care of, but also the quality of raw materials, the process, and all other details, right up to packaging. We do not think twice about organizing materials right from the farthest reaches of Himalayas to the Southernmost tip of India.

At Camelon, our standards are set to satisfy you and you are always welcome to share and contribute. We love to experiment with different fibres, leathers, dyes, prints and we will have something new to offer every time you stop by!

Social Responsibility

Camelon’ sets aside a fixed charity fund, which is used to assist our craftsmen, with medical bills, education, a marriage just so they feel included and part of our growth.

Our Artisans

We do not discriminate on the basis or religion/caste/creed/gender, most of our artisans come from lower castes and do not involve child labour.

24h Delivery

We deliver in shorter period being the manufacturers. However, delivery time depends upon the quantities of products and intricacies involved in making those. We fit into all sorts of logistical needs of our buyers around the world.

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